Data Quality Assurance Tool


SAGE Quality Assurance

Your data’s integrity is assured BEFORE uploading to BUILDER. SAGE generates hundreds of checks on 100% of Sections.

  • Instantly review BUILDER assessment data to check against hundreds of tests to highlight contract compliance and quality logic issues.
  • Leverage the Army, Air Force, or design your own custom rulebook of data quality checks.
  • Enforce all 700+ pages of the US Army BUILDER Assessment guide with a single click.
  • Gain higher confidence in the resulting performance metrics with increased insight into BUILDER data quality.
  • No BRED file dependencies
  • No custom report to time-out


Instantaneously verify the quality of your team’s data with SAGE’s fully customizable rulebook and API link with BUILDER™.

SAGE’s Process

Easy, Effective Data Quality Assurance Tool:

  • SAGE will access BUILDER data through the API or from a FLOW project.
  • Select one of the data QA rulebooks to check the data.
  • SAGE reviews 100% of the BUILDER sections against pre-programmed quality checks, inspections, and work items.
  • SAGE will output a QC5i or SAGE QA Report spreadsheet with all notations of areas worthy of further review.
  • Facility level and Section level issues are supplied on separate tabs of the spreadsheet.
  • Contact your team to remedy the data creating alerts and resync their inspections for another review by SAGE until the data is 100% accurate.



SAGE Provides Results

Alleviating bottlenecks in time and costs.

  • Let SAGE do the repetitive and monotonous processes and put your valuable resource time into the human aspect of quality with an understanding of the building.
  • Clean integration with DIGON products such as SPIRE integration middleware, FLOW field assessment tools, and ALLOY business intelligence reporting; to give you the information you need.
  • DIGON’s ten years of BUILDER QA expertise has finally been distilled into a stand-alone product.


Please contact us to schedule a demonstration and request pricing information.

DIGON’S software suite is accomplished by combining over ten years of BUILDER experience, user experience, and skillful developers— united into a hub of progressive resources to navigate BUILDER pitfalls.









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