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What is Enterprise SMS

All Domains – Single Platform

The Enterprise Sustainment Management System (ESMS) Platform is the newest Sustainment Management System product designed by CERL to serve the needs of all the traditional real property domains served by SMS tools in addition to several, all on a single platform. While still under development, the ESMS platform will allow real property stakeholders the ability to forecast the portfolio health and financial requirements, performing consequences and trade-off analysis across every domain for which they are responsible (Buildings, Fuels, Utilities, Rails, Water Control, Waterfront, Pavements). Development of the ESMS platform began with the need of SMS capabilities for the Fuels Domain.  

The development of the Utilities Domain within the ESMS framework followed soon after. From inception, the overarching vision for the ESMS application was to provide SMS capabilities for all real property domains under a single application. This allows for the cross-domain managent and visualization of investment decisions and prioritizations as well as reducing the number of software applications requiring maintenance for the essential task of real property infrastructure investment forecasting. That initial vision is nearing actualization and includes the real property domains served by the ESMS platform.

  • Consolidated platform for facility assessment, performance modeling, investment, and forecasting information for all real property domains

  • Aggregates key performance metrics and work needs across entire asset portfolio

  • Comprehensive view of mission readiness and operational risks

  • Eliminates “stove-piped” legacy systems and information silos



Photos, documents, maps, etc. can be uploaded and tagged to Facilities, Components, Assessments.


Import from GIS, BUILDER, RAILER, PAVER E70, and more.
Create and manage export configurations to serve up ESMS data for external systems.


User Management, Custom User Role Creation/Management, Permissions Assignment, and Team development and permission assignment.


PowerBI integration within ESMS to create dashboard visualizations as well as paginated reports (BUILDER Custom Reports style).

User Preferences

User contact information, default application loading settings, Desktop Sync Settings, view Organizational and Team memberships, and Permission/Role assignments.

GIS Map View

Visualize and navigate Facilities/Components using GIS map view where GIS data is available/imported in ESMS.

Catalog Management

In-app administrative capability of creating new component definitions, associated attributes, assessment templates, and more.


Check in on progress of background running processes, Workflow updates, and application updates since last login.


  • Build-out of ESMS Training Videos on SMS Learning Management System site
  • Revised New User Procedures integrating with EAMS-A – Streamlined DoD registration
  • Making final adjustments to BUILDER to ESMS Import for data migration
  • Developing BUILDER Transition Guide to assist agencies in migrating from BUILDER to ESMS (overview/training videos, BUILDER to ESMS crosswalk, permissions, organizational admins,


SMS General Information Website: https://www.sms.erdc.dren.mil/
SMS Support Site: https://support.sms.erdc.dren.mil/
SMS Training Site – Learning Management System: https://training.sms.erdc.dren.mil/
SMS LinkedIn Page:


ESMS will be hosted using full PaaS architecture within the cArmy Azure cloud tenant.

  • Scalability Comparison
    – Cloud: Select a higher SKU, Click Apply, Done, Less than 15 minutes
    – On-Prem: Research compatible components, Order the parts, Receiving and Processing, Installation (downtime), Unexpected incompatibility, Configuration, Can take weeks or months for completion
  • Accreditation Footprint Comparison
    – Cloud: App Dev
    – On-Prem: .Net, IIS, OS , VMware, IE, SQL Server, App Dev
  • Cost
    – cArmy Common Resources provided at low or no cost.
    – Cloud infrastructure cheaper to maintain
  • Security
    – PaaS Resources offer simple Configuration
    – cArmy Common Services include VDSS stack and Bluecoat Proxy
    – Automatic Patches and Security Updates
  • Reliability
    – Azure Cloud resources offer built in geographic redundancy
    – Fast and Easy Deployments



DIGON Systems is ready to support the SMS community. As the building domain release approaches from CERL, expect content and discussion on preparing BUILDER for transition and migration.

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