BUILDER Intelligence Tool


ALLOY Intelligence Tool

Telling your BUILDER story through powerful visuals and custom analytics.

ALLOY provides a Microsoft Power BI toolset focused on BUILDER business intelligence.


  • Access and analyze live BUILDER data
  • Historical data warehouse highlights trends over time
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards customizable for what you need


ALLOY’s powerful visuals and custom analytics bring into focus your BUILDER intelligence.

Metrics focused on decision support, including:

  • Assessor performance
  • Data quality and freshness
  • High-value, low-performing facilities

    ALLOY’s Powerful Interface

    Organization Highlights

    • Get a snapshot of your Organization or Site performance, with current and historical data.
    • Highlight high-value, low-performing facility types.

    Inspection Highlights

    • Keep an eye on inspection trends—total inspections, percentage of Sections inspected over time, and inspection rating history.
    • Ensure that your requirements, such as comments and photos, are met.



    Inspector Detail

    • View details on individual assessor performance—systems they’re inspecting, ratings assigned, and number of inspections they are completing on a given day.

    Facility Scorecard

    • Drill down to see detailed facility data, including key metrics for the building and its inventory.
    • See work item summaries for current and future fiscal years.




    Please contact us to schedule a demonstration and request pricing information.

    DIGON’S software suite is accomplished by combining over ten years of BUILDER experience, user experience, and skillful developers— united into a hub of progressive resources to navigate BUILDER pitfalls.









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