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Bringing together users and experts to learn and discuss the benefits of the BUILDER™ software system.

The BUILDER™ Summit brings together government and commercial facility management staff, BUILDER™ software developers, architects, engineers and other industry professionals. This event is designed to create a BUILDER™ community to share and discuss ideas on how to more efficiently and effectively manage military and commercial facility assets.

Who should attend?

  • Government Facility Management Leadership
  • Facility Managers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Assessors

What will I learn?

  • New BUILDER™ Developments
  • Advanced BUILDER™ Concepts
  • Lessons shared by industry experts on the use of BUILDER™

BUILDER™ knowledge-sharing and networking with industry professionals.


  • Join in a learning environment from novice to expert
  • Ask questions specific to your needs and get answers
  • Get your Continuing Education Requirements met
  • Discover other BUILDER users tips and tricks


Samples of trainings & presentations offered at prior years of the BUILDER Summit:

Assessor’s Boot Camp

The users are provided a boot camp style approach to align assessments to BUILDER requirements. Specific training will be on sectioning and Direct Rating consistency within a team environment. Resources to client-specific requirements are provided. 

Work Configuration

This training session focuses on the Work Configuration settings that are used to create a list of identified needs within BUILDER. Specific time will be spent reviewing Standards, Policies and Policy Sequence with the context of when it will trigger work items.

Direct Ratings & Remaining Service Life

Students learn how to customize the work planning settings in BUILDER so the resulting work plans are relevant and highly useful to the decision maker. They’ll learn about the data libraries in BUILDER and how to modify them. Finally, students discover modeling and simulation scenarios, learning how to use BUILDER as a strategic, long-range facility planning tool.

Data Quality

In the data quality working session, participants are trained to find the data problems that undermine BUILDER key metrics. Sample data is provided based on the Data Quality reports available in BUILDER. The team is stepped through the filter and sorting operations to find issues. Finally, quality tools are reviewed to showcase options to accelerate manual reviews.

Enterprise SMS

The Field Assessment module takes concepts learned in the Inventory and Inspection modules and shows how to collect and use this data in the field. We thoroughly teach the use of the offline companion application, BUILDER Remote Entry Database (BRED). There is also a path of the Field Assessment module available with FLOW™- DIGON Systems’ assessment software application toolset.

CMMS Integration

BUILDER has a great affinity with a CMMS or IWMS for sharing of equipment condition records and tracking completed work to new sections in BUILDER. This session discusses the process, effort, and key lessons learned from integrating the two. 


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