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DIGON Systems began as a small company that brought BUILDER SMS expertise that no one else could offer.

We still maintain that level of knowledge and have now become peerless as trusted consultants to the largest BUILDER-using enterprises. Our president, Kurt Sorensen, has built a team of experts to assist your organization with the most complex BUILDER implementations.

Some of those experts can become a permanent member of your team, sitting with them in your spaces, and bringing DIGON Systems’ experience and resources to every meeting, every site visit, and every presentation.

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The Problem

Every year we see an increasingly large construction RFPs that include provisions for building data to be entered into BUILDER. We offer data entry services for those construction companies wishing to bid on these contracts, but who do not have in-house BUILDER expertise.

Our Solution

During and after construction, our analysts are able to take your as-built drawings, spreadsheets, photographs, and other documentation, and translate them into the necessary data in the BUILDER database. This service allows your company to comply with BUILDER integration requirements without hiring, training and maintaining an in-house BUILDER capability.


Our FLOW software toolset is designed to allow BUILDER users to operate more efficiently. With the increasing use of BUILDER around the world, it is more important than ever to integrate solutions that elevate productivity.


Instantaneously verify the quality of your teams data. This desktop application fully customizable with an API link with BUILDER™ to assure your data’s integrity before uploading.


An integration tool that offers real-time data synchronization between BUILDER™ and your other facilities management systems. Including inventory, inspections, and work items.




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