The Enterprise Sustainment Management System (ESMS) Platform is the newest Sustainment Management System product designed to serve the needs of all of the traditional real property domains served by SMS tools in addition to several more, all on a single platform.

While still under development, the ESMS platform will allow real property stakeholders the ability to forecast the portfolio health and financial requirements, performing consequence and trade-off analysis across every domain for which they are responsible. Development of the ESMS platform began with the need of SMS capabilities for the Fuels Domain. The development of the Utilities Domain within the ESMS framework followed soon after. From inception, the overarching vision for the ESMS application was to provide SMS capabilities for all real property domains under a single application. This allows for the cross-domain management and visualization of investment decisions and prioritizations and reduces the number of software applications requiring maintenance for the essential task of real property infrastructure investment forecasting. That initial vision is nearing actualization and the image below displays the real property domains served by the ESMS platform. Below you will find more information about the various elements of the ESMS platform as well as a status update on each individual domain and the progress of development to provide or migrate SMS capabilities within ESMS.

During our 2021 BUILDER Summit in San Antonio, Texas, the DIGON team presented all the pros and cons of the latest from ESMS. To learn more, download the pdf and watch the presentation below!


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