Better data means better results in BUILDER™

DIGON Systems offers two ways to improve your BUILDER data through Quality Assurance (QA)

In-the-field QA experts can be assigned temporarily or permanently to your site. The people are masters of the BUILDER software, have years of experience collecting facility assessment data in the field, and are trained in our effective BUILDER QA methodology. Working directly with your field assessment team(s), they will shadow data collection efforts, evaluate collection techniques, and determine the quality of data collected prior to upload into BUILDER. As your trusted agent, our QA experts will provide progress reports and team scores. They also have access to our FLOW™ quality assurance toolset which allows automated data quality checks of large datasets instantaneously, with trouble areas flagged for correction or recollection.

Your organization may prefer to conduct data quality assurance in-house. In this case, we can license the use of our proprietary FLOW application, which contains the automated quality checks and reports, as well as other invaluable tools to improve the quality of your BUILDER data. These desktop analytics can speed your data collection process, and prevent the costly process of correcting numerous data errors once the dataset has been uploaded to BUILDER.