Just Announced! August 8-10, 2023

CERL has set a date for the 2023 DC SMS Summit!

As in past CERL-hosted BUILDER Summits, we are partnering with the National Academy of Sciences – Federal Facilities Council (https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/federal-facilities-council) to host the event in Washington, DC at the NAS Building.

Dates: August 8–10, 2023

Location: 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC


NAS Auditorium

NAS 120 – Conference style – 66, 36 at table and 30 perimeter

NAS 125 – Conference style – 66, 30 at table and 36 perimeter

NAS Board Room – Conference style – 41 total; 22 at table – 19 around perimeter

NAS Great Hall (To Serve Refreshments)

Discussion/Presentation/Breakout Topics

  • ESMS Development/Environment Update
  • Buildings Domain Overview/Update
  • Fuels Domain Overview/Update
  • Rails Domain Overview/Update
  • Utilities Domain Overview/Update
  • Water Control Structures Domain Overview/Update
  • Waterfront Domain Overview/Update
  • Pavements Domain Overview/Update
  • DoD Service/Agency Panel on SMS Usage for POM Builds
  • Talks on recently published journal articles from the SMS TCX
  • WELDER Presentation / Demo
  • FSRM Optimization Discussion
  • Cost Catalog Strategy for Remaining Domains and All-Fed Agencies
  • SMS Role in Army Facility Investment Plan Wargame
  • Army/ERDC VTIME Demo
  • SMS TCX Poster Display for various aspects of the work within the TCX
  • Senior Leader engagement/participation
  • Government Only – SMS TCX Sustainment funding and lead agency discussion

For additional information or to get your specific Summit questions answered, contact the DIGON team.