DIGON Systems has been involved with ROOFER for over ten years and has worked with the City of Fort Collins (our hometown) on a roof assessment project.

It has been several years since the last updates from ROOFER, and it left us wondering if BUILDER does not provide a better solution for roof assessments. A client requested a ROOFER demo, and after showing the application, we introduced the option of using BUILDER instead. Partnering with REI (https://www.reiengineers.com/), DIGON Systems has provided a client dedicated to roofing assessments, BUILDER server, custom reporting, and training.

It was a successful pilot, and additional efforts of roof assessments in BUILDER are being planned. When looking forward to the Enterprise Sustainment Management System (eSMS), we also noticed that ROOFER does not exist as a dedicated module.

For additional information or to get your specific BUILDER questions answered, contact the DIGON team.