Because the BUILDER SMS can be used in so many different ways, we assist in creating a strategic vision for aligning inventory and assessment, work planning, and data maintenance scope with your organization’s goals. We can also provide on-site experts that integrate with your staff, if needed.

Application Distribution & Hosting

Our expert staff is always available to answer users’ questions and help resolve any issues, provide bug isolation, documentation, and reporting to the CERL development team. For non-Federal clients, we provide a highly secure SMS hosting environment with the best performance and uptime available in the industry. You own the data, and it is fully portable.

BUILDER Data Entry

Students learn how to customize the work planning settings in BUILDER so the resulting work plans are relevant and highly useful to the decision maker. They’ll learn about the data libraries in BUILDER and how to modify them. Finally, students discover modeling and simulation scenarios, learning how to use BUILDER as a strategic, long-range facility planning tool.


Create a team of BUILDER-qualified assessors, analysts and field maintainers with our innovative, web-based training course. This online course includes engaging dialogue, step-by-step videos, interactive quizzes and hands-on exercises. Or, we can provide traditional classroom training. By either method, our program can create effective BUILDER users in less than one week. 

Quality Assurance

Of course, results from BUILDER are only as good as the data entered. We can provide in-the-field oversight of assessment efforts by experienced QA experts. We also offer a suite of desktop analytics to ensure the quality of data collected prior to entry into BUILDER.

Application Development

Our FLOW™, SPIRE, SAGE and ALLOY software tools include fast, intuitive experiences for assessors, quality assurance, team leads, and a framework for integration with your existing Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). These tools are constantly being improved, with updates delivered automatically via the web. Let DIGON products assist you in understanding BUILDER data at EVERY LEVEL of management.