Kurt Sorensen — President/Owner

Kurt comes from California Polytechnic State University’s Engineering department in San Luis Obispo, CA and is the founder of DIGON Systems. With a background in both facility management and web-based software services, he has secured a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to the sustainment management suite developed by the Army Corps of Engineers. This agreement is a distribution, training and support partnership for the BUILDER, ROOFER and RAILER asset management tools. 

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Paul Schowalter — Director of Operations

Paul has over 20 years of project management experience for a variety of architectural and planning projects. After being in charge of over 100 redevelopment projects for municipalities throughout California, Paul personally assessed more properties for redevelopment deficiencies and opportunities than anyone in the state. He developed and refined criteria for field evaluations, and created a public information program that became the standard of the industry. He was the Project Manager for the largest use of BUILDER outside of the military. His extreme attention to detail and ability to shepherd projects to completion are well-suited for the BUILDER environment.

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