The software systems belong to the Sustainment Management System (SMS) family, including BUILDER, ROOFER and RAILER.

With years of engineering research and development invested in the production of these programs, there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel. Proactive management is the central theme of the solution suite.

Some general concepts for all programs include:


The physical description of the system being managed is cataloged and allows connection to GIS. This is information that tends to change very seldom with attributes such as size, location, material of construction, and date of installation. Changes can be made as the inventory changes or during inspections.


A structured procedure is used to gather data needed to determine the condition of each item in the inventory. The data collection process is consistent from one inspection to the next and is as independent as possible from the subjective judgments of the individual inspector. Inspection typically involves the documentation of "distresses" (defects or indicators of problems), the severity of the distresses, and the quantity of each distress. Field inspections are facilitated with an offline Remote Entry Database such as BRED.

Condition Assessment

With an upload of inspection data, the programs interpret the results of the inspection. In most cases, this is displayed in the form of a condition index (CI). The CI is a quantifiable, repeatable measure of facility health that is calculated from the inspection data. The CI is expressed on a scale of 0 to 100 and provides a common language for comparison of diverse facilities.

Work Planning

With ASTM standards loaded in the software, it can forecast the future condition index of items in the inventory so that repair decisions may be timed correctly. Based on user identified condition triggers, work items are created to address facility deficiencies.

As a technology solution provider custom applications can also be developed for integration in the above or as stand-alone products like Energy Audits.

More information of the specific application are available via the links below.