Project Summary: DHA Training



Project Type: Training

Project Location: Defense Health Agency (DHA) locations (Worldwide)

Year Completed: 2015 (In Progress)

Services Provided: BUILDER Training

Project Description: 

     A large number of people in the DOD, both government employees and contractors, need to be trained on the proper and consistent use of BUILDER, in order to meet the DHA deadlines. The approach was two-fold. The first was to deliver 3-day BUILDER training courses, in person, at eight key locations around the country. The second was to create an online training course to provide an interactive, engaging series of modules that covers the entire BUILDER spectrum. Students are able to log on at their convenience, from home or work, to learn about BUILDER through a series of narrated scenes that include knowledge-reinforcing games, quizzes, video demonstrations, and realistic hands-on exercises. Their progress through the training is tracked by the system, and when students are having trouble, DIGON Systems staff contacts them directly to offer assistance. This online course is able to support hundreds of students simultaneously, allowing DHA and its supporting contractors to become proficient with the BUILDER software much more quickly than by classroom-based courses alone.