Project Summary: Air Force Hangar Evaluations



Project Type: BUILDER Assessment Data Entry

Project Location: United States Air Force Aircraft Hangars (Worldwide)

Year Completed: 2015 (In Progress)

Services Provided: BUILDER Data Entry, Field Assessment Consultation, Training, Application Administration & Support,

Project Description:

 The Air Force Civil Engineering Center (AFCEC) contracted with URS and DIGON Systems to evaluate the fire suppression systems in approximately 630 aircraft hangars at 69 active duty bases in the United States and overseas.  Part of this task requires updating the Air Force’s BUILDER database to capture the specifics of the systems that are installed at each of the hangars. 

DIGON Systems was brought in to:

  • Develop a template to ease data collection in the field
  • Train the field teams on BUILDER inspection protocols
  • Develop a streamlined data entry procedure using a custom built web application
  • Oversee the data entry into the USAF BUILDER server
  • Update existing data records and add new inventory sections
  • Perform quality assurance reviews of the data and the reports generated from the data
  • Ensure the BUILDER database meets the Air Force’s standards

DIGON Systems’s web application programmers developed a custom database management tool which allows system administrators to automatically merge inventory spreadsheets (delivered by URS), with an Access database file (called a BRED file). This automated merging process sorts and inserts data from the spreadsheet directly into the BRED database.  This process saves time of the web administration team and simultaneously limits data-entry errors during this step.

To reach these goals within a very aggressive schedule, DIGON Systems is working closely with URS to provide a seamless transition between the field and the database.  Communication and monitoring are key factors, with systematic tracking of all steps in the process and weekly progress reports provided to all parties.  A full report from BUILDER is provided to the client that summarizes the field data.


 Fire Suppression Testing

Edwards Air Force Base (Lancaster, California)