FLOW™ is Now Available for General Use
January 18, 2016

FLOW™ is Now Available for General Use

The FLOW™ software is officially available for use on Android-based tablets.

DIGON Systems' FLOW software toolset is designed to improve BUILDER workflow. The toolset includes the FLOW website and the mobile application, which is currently available for download on Android-based tablets. The application was built by the BUILDER experts at DIGON Systems, and is available to both federal and commercial clients.

FLOW manages data collected and uploaded by assessors, notifying team leads when assessors have completed their assessments. FLOW has a browser-driven dashboard that allows assessment team leads to manage the data distributed to their team members. Individuals can be assigned buildings and systems, notified of their assignments via email, and have their assigned BRED file delivered with the FLOW software online.

The software includes a library of various data quality checks and reports, which can be applied to the assessors' collected data. These checks generate quality reports instantaneously when new data is uploaded from an assessor, allowing the team lead to easily view problem areas.

The powerful Android operating system allows for lightning-fast computing, and very long battery life. The FLOW mobile app feels clean and uncluttered, and works the way an assessor works. The app has easy-to-read, high-contrast text, and an intuitive touch screen-based interface that is very user friendly.

The FLOW toolset package also includes a concise user guide explaining how to successfully implement FLOW Website and FLOW mobile application.

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